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2024 George Town (Penang), Malaysia Gallery
2023/2024 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Gallery
2023 Manila Philippines Gallery
2023 Poznań, Poland Gallery
2023 Prague, Czech Republic Gallery
2023 Budapest, Hungary Gallery
2023 Győr, Hungary Gallery
2023 Clearwater, Florida Gallery
2023 Park City, Utah Gallery
2023 Salt Lake City, Utah Gallery
2023 Austin, Texas Gallery
2023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Gallery
2022 Sofia, Bulgaria Gallery
2022 Skopje, North Macedonia Gallery
2022 Tirana, Albania Gallery
2022 Budva, Montenegro Gallery
2022 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Gallery
2022 Split, Croatia Gallery
2022 Rijeka, Croatia Gallery
2022 Zagreb, Croatia Gallery
2022 Trieste, Italy Gallery
2022 Maribor, Slovenia Gallery
2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia Gallery
2022 Bratislava, Slovakia Gallery
2022 Łódź, Poland Gallery
2022 Tricity, Poland (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) Gallery
2022 Torun, Poland Gallery
2022 Bydgoszcz, Poland Gallery
2022 Szczecin, Poland Gallery
2022 Leipzig, Germany Gallery
2022 Pilsen, Czech Republic Gallery
2022 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Gallery
2022 Český Krumlov, Czech Republic Gallery
2022 Prague, Czech Republic Gallery
2021 Warsaw, Poland Gallery
2021 Tricity, Poland (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) Gallery
2021 Krakow, Poland Gallery
2021 Prague, Czech Republic Gallery
2021 Graz, Austria Gallery
2021 Koh Phangan, Thailand Gallery
2021 Koh Phi Phi, Thailand Gallery
2021 Railey Beach, Thailand Gallery
2021 Krabi Town, Thailand Gallery
2021 Naiharn, Thailand Gallery
2021 Rawai, Thailand Gallery
2021 Phuket Town, Thailand Gallery
2021 Bangkok, Thailand Gallery
2021 Pattaya, Thailand Gallery
A look at Orlando Florida in February 2021
2021 Orlando, Florida Gallery
2021 Catania, Italy Gallery
2020 Palermo, Italy Gallery
2020 Terrasini, Italy Gallery
2020 Santorini, Greece Gallery
2020 Kos, Greece Gallery
2020 Symi, Greece Gallery
2020 Patmos, Greece Gallery
2020 Leros, Greece Gallery
2020 Athens, Greece Galley
2020 Cologne, Germany Gallery
2020 Nuremberg, Germany Gallery
2020 Prague, Czech Republic Gallery
2019/2020 Budapest, Hungary Gallery
2019 Florence, Italy Gallery
2019 Siena, Italy Gallery
2019 Pisa, Italy Gallery
2019 Lucca, Italy Gallery
2019 Bologna, Italy Gallery
2019 Rome, Italy Gallery
2019 Vatican City, Gallery
2019 Naples, Italy Gallery
2019 Paestum, Italy Gallery
2019 Bolzano, Italy Gallery
2019 Trento, Italy Gallery
2019 Venice, Italy Gallery
2019 Verona, Italy Gallery
2019 Milan, Italy Gallery
2019 Vienna, Austria Gallery
2019 Prague, Czech Republic Gallery
2019 Siracusa, Italy Gallery
2019 Scicli, Italy Gallery
2019 Taormina, Italy Gallery
2019 Savoca, Italy Gallery, The Godfather Village
2019 Castelmola, Italy Gallery
2019 Trapani, Italy Gallery
2019 San Vito Lo Capo, Italy Gallery
2019 ISF World Schools Championship Beach Volleyball in San Vito Lo Capo
2019 Santa Fortunata Procession Gallery - Baucina, Italy Gallery
2019 Valley of the Temples - Agrigento, Italy Gallery
2019 Catania, Italy Gallery
2019 Rocca di Cefalu, Italy Gallery
2018/2019 Palermo, Italy Gallery
2018 Rome, Italy Gallery
Sicily Gallery (misc locations)
2018 Paestum, Italy Gallery
2018/2019 Cefalu, Italy Gallery
2018 Pompeii, Italy Gallery
2018 Naples, Italy Gallery
2018 Amalfi Coast, Italy Gallery
2018 Bangkok, Thailand Gallery
2018 Tokyo, Japan Gallery
2016 Paris, France Gallery
2016 London, England Gallery
2015 French Riviera Gallery
2017 Oregon Gallery
2016-2019 California Gallery
2017 Colorado Gallery
2017 Yosemite Gallery