I’m using this website to link platforms where I share travel content, creating a central hub connecting it all, and it’s where I post my best photographs. My passion and a key driver of this is photography, though I’m having a lot of fun learning new skills too. I post a travel vlog and product reviews on Youtube, post photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and have a blog on this website where I share some of my travel costs.
If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out on any or all of the platforms. I’d love to connect with you and get your feedback to make the most of this experience and continue to improve the content. I am a rather shy/introverted person, but a big part of doing this is to get out of my shell and try new things. So your help is greatly appreciated! The icons in the top right of each page of the website are links to these platforms.
The website contains paid links that I hope at some point will bring some income to help keep this going, but at no added costs to you and whenever possible, I look for options that will benefit us both. The intent is to be helpful and entertaining, not to take advantage of anyone.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Meena

    Can’t wait to see where your new adventures take you. I very excited for you.

    1. MeanderingMax

      Thanks Meena!

Feedback is appreciated... let me know what you're liking, or not to help me keep improving the experience.