Thoughts on my ALQ quarantine stay at The Green Park Resort in Pattaya Thailand

I arrived very late on March 6th and the process went smooth. A minivan taxi picked me up from the airport and brought me to the resort; about a 1 hour and 20-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). This was included in the package. Check-in was quick and easy, and the partner hospital did a quick health check before I was shown to my room. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

I’m no food expert but was happy with the food overall. There are 4 choices for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day with a good mix of western, Thai, and Indian options. It might be toned down a touch in general since I haven’t been overwhelmed with heat in the Thai or Indian dishes, but there is a little heat and the flavors are very good. The Laab Gai however, was pretty hot. The portions are pretty good, not huge and not tiny. I posted pictures of my meals on Instagram and my Facebook page if you want to see them; MeanderingMax

They serve it in plastic containers which aren’t a very appealing presentation, but they are dealing with quite a number of meals and the mix between every room’s orders, so I understand the difficulty there. But again, the flavors been good and in my posts, I included the menu for each day if you want to look at the options.

They also do 7/11 runs which you’ll need to put down 3k BHT cash at check-in for. So if you don’t have cash on arrival, like me, there’s an ATM at the airport right when you get to the baggage claim area; just past where you get stamped in by immigration. Look for a green sign that says currency exchange / ATM.

The resort provides instant coffee, tea, sugar, powdered creamer, shampoo, body wash, shower caps, toothpaste, toothbrush, cotton swabs, a sponge, dish soap, and bottled water. There’s also a hairdryer, microwave, mini-fridge, water kettle, coffee cups, glasses, fork, knife, spoon, and a plate.

There’s a workspace space that kind of doubles as a place to eat. It’s too bad they don’t have a little two-person table though. I think there’s enough room for one by the balcony door, which would be excellent, but instead, the microwave sits on a very small table with 2 chairs lined up next to it. I think you’d consider the place to work and eat more of a makeup station. It’s also not very deep which makes it not so well suited for eating or working.

Now I do feel I need to give a little heads up for those that are interested in strong WiFi and a good view of the resort grounds… I was originally in room 302, and there are some trees at a part of their growth where they’re blocking the view and I guess the WiFi antennas. IT worked on the WiFi for a couple of days without any luck getting it to a useful state (they did give me a pocket WiFi while they worked on it). I had also mentioned I didn’t like the view too much, so I was fortunate they had another room they could move me to; I’m so glad and lucky, they did too! Not only was the WiFi leaps and bounds better (though I think at times there are more people using it than it can handle, which causes lockups), but the view is like I was at a different resort. The grounds around the pool are beautiful! I’m already thinking about going back when it’s all open. I will say the squirrels were a bit entertaining to watch running through the trees in the corner by 302, but I’ll take the view I have now over that personally. Through it all the staff has been great. They worked hard to resolve these issues, as well as being very friendly and attentive with every interaction.

After the first negative Covid test there are 2 days in which you get an hour each on a terrace area outside of the restaurant. You can order drinks there and tables are spaced out so each person or group has plenty of distance from others. After the second negative Covid test you get an hour a day out by the pool where you can walk a little or there’s another seating area and you can order drinks or just chill. I don’t know if it’s a requirement from the government or just the resort, but they have a bit more than half of the area around the pool blocked off with caution tape leaving you a pretty small section to walk back and forth in. This was a bummer for sure, it would be much nicer if you could just do laps around the pool. The area is very beautiful though.

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