Feb. 2020 – Back in Prague!

While catching up in Budapest it became clear I was going to need a lot more time. (I’m a little shocked at the number of photos, but more by how long it’s taken to get through a first edit.) So finding a good deal on a long stay in Prague was great. I had planned on a short stay there next anyway and figured it made sense for an extended stay because it would be my 3rd time to the city, so refraining from wandering would be easier than it was in Budapest. At least a little, because it is an incredibly beautiful city. I’m happy to say it worked, I’ve made a lot of progress. A little heads up though; I’ve backdated the posts to the date of the stop, so I don’t think Facebook’s showing them in feeds. You can still find links on the Facebook page and they’re all on the website if you want to check them out.

Working and re-adjusting so much during this stop doesn’t give me a whole lot to talk about here. But I would like to share a YouTube channel I found; if you’re planning a trip to Prague, this channel will be great for preparing; it’s Honest Guide.

In addition to editing photos, this stop was also my opportunity to change up my luggage (check out my original luggage in this YouTube video) and get my hands on a few other things; I do love gadgets! The most exciting new thing I’m carrying is probably an awesome new tripod from Peak Design. Tripods are typically pretty large, and since my goal is to travel with only carry on luggage, I didn’t see myself using one enough to carry. But this one from Peak Design is so much smaller, carrying it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve used it a little already and see how it’ll make a big difference for some of my photos (night shots for sure), and also for videos. I’ll be working on a video for YouTube to show the tripod soon too. The review and travel videos on YouTube are the biggest one of the changes I’m planning to make for documenting this adventure. It will take some time to get better at this new medium, so I hope you’ll give it a little time to progress. But with as many videos as I’ve watched to find out about items or places vs. reading posts like this, it seems like the obvious move. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it 😉 and please, like, subscribe, and share to help me spread the word!

Now, off to Nuremberg Germany…


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