January 2021 – One night in the Amsterdam Airport

I understand hotels inside airports are costly, like everything else inside airports, but this place, the YotelAir, is ridiculous. I only had 11 hours for 189 Euros, and there was a disgusting stain on the shower curtain! The 11 hour part is bad enough, but for this top dollar price, it should be immaculate! I do like the idea of a private place to get some rest and don’t personally mind the small quarters, I just think they need to get the price to something a bit more reasonable.

The pandemic and the Netherlands imposing strict rules making the hotels just outside the airport, not an option were the reasons I went ahead and booked it in the first place… next time though, pandemic or not, I’ll sleep on the seats in the airport.

Expenses for this 1 night…

  • Accommodation –  $230.70 (189 Euros)
  • McD’s for dinner and a little breakfast – $34.09
  • Mobile phones  – $3.13
  • SafetyWing Insurance – $2.30

  • Total $270.22

I convert local currency to USD after the trip so there will be a slight variation from the real-time conversion. For this stop, it was converted at USD 1.22 = 1 Euro

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