July/Aug 2020 – Patmos Greece (one of the Dodecanese islands)

I love the differences between the Greek islands I’ve seen so far; I wish I could see them all! Of course, seeing the islands during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic is giving me a different experience. I imagine it’s more like it was years ago before tourism was such a massive industry. There are precautions and limitations, but I feel so lucky to be experiencing this! I only wish I could do more to help people that are struggling in these difficult times.

Patmos is a gorgeous island with a very intriguing history. This is where the Cave of the Apocalypse is; the grotto believed to be where John of Patmos received the visions in the Book of Revelation (Wikipedia), dating back to the first century A.D. With a lot of religious and spiritual sites on the island, including the Rock of Kalikatsou (which the history of I’m not so clear on, and I’m not sure anyone is either after searching online), it’s an important and significant place for many.

The island has breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and nearby islands, as well as many gorgeous beaches. You’ll find a few beaches in and around Skala, which is the main concentration for shops and restaurants, but I prefer the quieter ones further out of town myself. The island is primarily built up in the center around Skala and Chora, getting more remote as you head north or south from there. A few beaches have restaurants and facilities, but for many, you’ll want to bring supplies with you. An incredible, and it seemed popular secluded beach, Psili Ammos does have a restaurant and restrooms. Just be prepared, it takes a 20 or so minute hike to get to after a drive to the parking lot. I made a few videos showing some of the beaches which you can find in the YouTube links below if you’d like to see them.  

In addition to Skala, Chora is another central part of the island. Chora is the area up on the hill by the main monastery, while Skala is just below by the port. There are a fair amount of shops and restaurants in Chora, and it’s where you’ll find the most classic architecture with the beautiful winding alleys. I appreciated that the shops and restaurants seemed to be much more quality over quantity.

I met some great people and had great experiences while I was on the island and would like to pass along a few recommendations;

Australis Hotelhttps://www.facebook.com/Australis-hotel-291537037990872/

Bike and scooter rental:

MotoLeo Moto Renthttp://www.motoleo.com

Restaurants and sweet shops:

τα καρντασιαhttps://breakfastkarntasia.business.site/

Pernera Vegan Restaurant & Fairtrade Coffee Shop on Patmoshttps://perneravegan.gr/en/

Pizzeria Karnagio by Maria & Mitsoshttps://pizzaria-karnagio-mezedopolio.business.site/

Τα σουβλάκια Του Παππού – no website found, but this is right in the heart of Skala and listed on Google maps.

Ταβέρνα Ψιλή Άμμος – This is the restaurant on Psili Ammos Beach

Daphne’s (Candy store) – no website found, but this is right in the heart of Skala and listed on Google maps.

Benetos Chorahttp://www.benetosrestaurant.com/

Feedback is appreciated... let me know what you're liking, or not to help me keep improving the experience.