March 2020 – Nuremberg (Nürnberg) Germany

Please note that the footage below was from before the current pandemic situation. I wish everyone health and happiness.

Well, if you’ve seen my recently launched vlog, you’ll know that I’m thinking of scaling back these blog posts quite a bit. My thought is to just post a link to the vlog and my photo gallery, including only costs for my stay in text here. Let me know your thoughts; are there any particular details you’d like me to add to either the blog or vlog?

Next stops are:

Cologne (Germany) March 10th-17th

Brussels March 17th-24th

Amsterdam March 24th-31st  Canceled

It looks like I’ll be staying in Brussels at least until April 24th

The photo carousel below will link you to the photo gallery for this stop. I’d love to hear what you think!

And now a little look at costs for this stop… 

This was a 7-night stay…

  • Accommodation (Airbnb) –  $352.44
  • Getting around locally (just a lot of walking) – $0
  • Living expenses, including any day trips (groceries, eating out, entertainment, etc.) – $101.82
  • Mobile phones (I’m carrying a US line and an Italian line.) – $10.36
  • SafetyWing Insurance – $14.94


  • Total $479.56 / 7 nights = $68.51 per 

As usual, transportation can be a big expense and I feel that would vary too much so I’ve left it out, along with any incidental/one time costs… I feel like I’m getting a lot better with budgeting, but I want to try more new things. Please send me some suggestions! There are always so many places to choose from I get a bit overwhelmed and end up going with basics like durum or just cooking pasta in the Airbnb.

*Some costs are approximate as I converted local currency to USD after the trip so there will be a slight variation from the real-time conversion.

Feedback is appreciated... let me know what you're liking, or not to help me keep improving the experience.