March 2021 Pattaya Thailand

No real surprise with the current worldwide situation that Pattaya felt extremely quiet for the most part. The malls and beachfront had a bit of life to them at times, but generally speaking, it felt hollow. This could also have been amplified by the fact I’m not looking for nightlife and didn’t go looking for it, but I kind of doubt it. Let me know if you had a different experience in Pattaya during the pandemic though; I’d really like to know.

Maybe one of these days I’ll come back to see it in full swing. But for now, I cut the visit short and will go see what other parts of Thailand have going on. 

This was a 5-night stay…

  • Accommodation: see the breakdown below –  $139.00*
  • Getting around locally – $13.03
  • Living expenses; food and groceries – $125.41
  • Activities – $0
  • Mobile phone/data  – $22.92
  • Medical insurance = $20.64**

  • Total $321.00 / 5 nights = $64.20 per

*Breakdown of separate hotel reservations:

  • 2 nights at the New Star Hotel – $32.00
  • 3 nights at A-One New Wing Hotel – $107.00

Transportation to and from varies too much, so I’ve left it out along with most incidental/one-time personal costs; I was already in Pattaya in this case anyway. But all other standard day to day expenses are included to give an idea of how much things cost in the area. So groceries will sometimes include basic personal care items (i.e. toothpaste, deodorant, contact solution/drops, etc.).

** Medical insurance is a bit different than usual for this visit to Thailand. Due to the required hospital stay even if showing no symptoms, I went with a company that specifically states they will cover the charges if this were to happen. I paid one price to cover 90 days initially, but I’m breaking it out per day here. 

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