Still playing catchup, but the photo gallery for Scicli Italy is up on the website…

From what I’ve heard this whole part of Sicily is really something special in terms of photography; I’ve seen quite a few photos that support this as well. Unfortunately for me getting around wasn’t so easy on this visit; with trains down and the bus that was supposed to fill in not being so reliable… so, I’ll have to wait and see about the other towns another time. The ones I really want to see are Modica and Ragusa, but I’m thinking this might be a great place to rent a car and explore quite a bit more. 

The architecture is just amazing in Scicli. There are a lot of churches and the view from the abandoned church up on the hill is just breathtaking. I love the tile roofs and views of the caves surrounding the town. Being Sicily, there were some beautiful flowers still blooming well into October, but I’d love to see it in spring!

The people were so nice too! I think they’re very used to tourists, at least in the center where I spent almost all my time, and definitely made me feel welcome. I’m sure it helps that it’s connected to a long-running Italian TV show; Inspector Montalbano. I’m not sure of all the details, and I’ve never seen the show myself, but I’ve read that the show takes place in a fictional city and is filmed in various places; the police station being the Scicli town hall.

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