Nov. 2019 – A short stay in Milan

Milan seems like so long ago… oh wait, it was! 🙂 Well, I knew November and December would keep me busy seeing new places and adding to my growing photography backlog; I didn’t just really expect spend quite so much time planning, re-evaluating my packing situation, and learning to edit videos in January. All good though, I’ve got a lot of this year planned out now, so I don’t need to think about what’s coming next all the time, and I hope to start adding more videos to my YouTube channel soon. We’ll see how it goes…

As for Milan; it’s a pretty big city for just 4 nights, especially when the weather isn’t so favorable. But I expected as much when I booked it; I was really just thinking of it as an entry point back into Italy. However, after booking it I was lucky to meet someone from Milan that was so kind to show me around a little bit of the city. Being shown a city by a local that loves their city is a great experience. I certainly hope to get back to see more someday. It’s a city with so much history and beauty, but also one that has many modern aspects.

A coupe of fun facts from my experience; it’s also crazy humid! The windows in the Airbnb I stayed at were always dripping… open shut, nothing did a thing to stop it. I’ve never seen humidity like it before. I had also never experienced WiFi so fast before… I wish I had done a speed test on it. But it was fiber straight to apartment, so damn fast! I couldn’t tell you how much I missed that after the last couple of Airbnb’s; they’ve given me flashbacks of dial up 🙁

Alright, enough babble, I’ve got to get back to editing. The Milan Gallery is now up and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Feedback is appreciated... let me know what you're liking, or not to help me keep improving the experience.