March 2020 – Cologne (Köln) Germany

Unfortunately, for me this visit to Cologne Germany will always be connected to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The virus had started to spread throughout the world before I arrived here, but it was during my time here that things started to intensify and feel uneasy to me. I started hearing of countries (other than Italy) enforcing travel restrictions, and even quarantines in a few places. However, it wasn’t until the day I was leaving that life in Cologne started to reflect that something was happening in the world. This was a little strange to me with so many other places taking serious action already. But with it all developing so quickly, and without much definitive information out there, I’m not questioning anyone’s approach to the situation; it’s just an ugly thing I hope we can get past quickly.

With all this go on I didn’t do as much as I planned for this stop, but below you’ll find a link to the photos I took and a couple of videos I’ve posted to YouTube, I hope you enjoy them.

Cologne is a beautiful city, I hope to get back to see it under different circumstances someday.

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