2019 Oct. – Siracusa and the gorgeous island of Ortigia

The Siracusa gallery is now loaded on the website…

Siracusa is a beautiful city and the island of Ortigia really is something special. Ortigia has those awesome little streets and alleys, along with a lot of beautiful architecture, so it was fun to photograph. I guess you could say it did somewhat steal the show on this stop for me, though I enjoyed staying on the other side. A little further away from the island’s huge tourist draw I felt a more authentic vibe from the city. The archaeological site was also pretty cool; I love that kind of stuff. To get around I would recommend the hop on hop off buses here, at least to get a feel for the city. They will get you tall all the major sites, including stops around Ortigia and Archaeological Park, and it was only 5 euros for a day pass.

As the final city I’d visit in Sicily for 2019, and a pretty short stop at that, this one was a little different… my focus was starting to drift a little as I was looking to the next couple of months touring multiple highlight destinations, and also because I would soon be returning to Trabia to clean my apartment and move out… the stop was very nice though, I just hope to get back and see a little more of it. (I think I say that about every stop though, LOL) The whole southeast of Sicily is an area I definitely plan to do a lot more exploring in. Like much of Sicily, this part has so much history and incredible things to see (and eat), but it’s also so remarkably photogenic. 

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