Aug 2020 – Kos Greece (one of the Dodecanese islands)

Kos was the first of two stops as I work my way off the Greek islands. Being a bit shorter than the previous ones, and just as unplanned, I don’t intend to make any videos from these stops. I’m just going to include a little insight below, the cost rundown below that, and a photo gallery to come.

My experience on Kos was limited to Kos Town and just outside of it along the coast. Also, visiting in the summer of 2020 will likely be a different view than any other summer. Kos Town still had a spring break kind of vibe, definitely a place for party-goers. Restaurants along the beach offered loungers with service on the sand or there were other places to rent the loungers for just a few euros for the day. The boat excursions where most of the boats looked to have well-stocked bars (most were decorated to look like pirate ships too) would go out in the morning and spend the evening in front of the boats trying to fill them for the following morning.

It’s a big island, so I think you’re bound to find things for all interests, but in the center, the focus was drinking/partying, shopping, ancient ruins, probably in that order. There are a lot of ruins around Kos Town, but unfortunately, in 2017 an earthquake damaged the castle and some other buildings forcing them to close. They’re working on the castle, so hopefully, it’ll reopen soon. I’d like to see the inside of that. Around the top of the island near Lambi Beach, facing kind of NW, you’ll see some stunning sunsets with nearby islands as a backdrop. I’m pretty sure this is the case all along the top side of the island.

The town is set up well for cycling. From the port, designated bike lanes go out in both directions along the coast for a fair distance with plenty to do, or not along the way. If you want to go further out there are a lot of places around town to rent scooters, quads, cars, and even dune buggies (they drive them on the street here).

I had an ocean view studio at Achilleas Hotel Apartments, which was pretty nice, but the WiFi was not good. I think the location is very good for the beach or town, and though not the best ocean view it was nice, you could see Turkey from the balcony.

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