January 2021 Catania Italy (Sicily)

Here’s a link to the Airbnb I stayed in (link). The location was great for exploring the center of Catania, it’s cozy but very comfortable, the balcony view is gorgeous, and the host Santo is incredible! The cover photo here is from the balcony.

If by chance you don’t already have an Airbnb account here’s a referral link that will give you a discount on your first stay and me a credit for a future stay, a win-win (link)

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Costs for this stop…

This was an 11-night stay…

  • Accommodation –  $427.58*
  • Getting around locally – $0.00
  • Living expenses; just groceries and take out – $138.23
  • Activities – $0.00**
  • Mobile phones  – $16.27
  • SafetyWing Insurance – $25.34

  • Total $607.42 / 11 nights = $55.22 per

Transportation to and from can be a big expense and I feel would vary too much, so I’ve left it out along with any incidental/one-time personal costs.

I convert local currency to USD after the trip so there will be a slight variation from the real-time conversion. For this stop, it was converted at USD 1.22 = 1 Euro

* I don’t know how this rate compares to non-Covid times.

    • $31.88 x 11 nights $350.71
    • Cleaning fee $12.22
    • Service fee $54.87
    • Occupancy taxes and fees $9.78
    • Total (USD) $427.58

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