March 2021 – Bangkok Thailand

This was my second visit to Bangkok, and although it of course wasn’t as busy as it would be, it was March of 2021, I still felt the life of the city. Of course, malls particularly had a good crowd; being a great concentration of shops, food, and an escape from the heat they’re very popular. This interpretation could be greatly influenced by how slow Pattaya felt though. Regardless, you can definitely see Bangkok is still a growing city and a place I will look to visit more. The mix of old and new, with mixing cultural influences and the incredible hospitality of Thailand shouldn’t be missed in my opinion. Plus, it’s a city that can be explored for a reasonable cost, and I always get photos I’m happy with there!

This was a 5-night stay…

  • Accommodation: see the breakdown below –  $162.25*
  • Getting around locally – $12.18
  • Living expenses; food and grocery delivery – $76.16
  • Activities (foot, hand, and shoulder massage) – $30.94
  • Mobile phone/data  – $20.02
  • Medical insurance = $66.17**

  • Total $367.72 / 5 nights = $73.54 per

Transportation to and from varies too much, so I’ve left it out along with most incidental/one-time personal costs; in this case, I took a taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok for about $42.00. Other standard day-to-day expenses are included to give an idea of how much things cost in the area. Groceries will sometimes include basic personal care items (i.e. toothpaste, deodorant, contact solution/drops, etc.).

**A change to this breakdown is the medical insurance. I paid one price to cover 90 days in Thailand, so I included it as a whole in the quarantine post, but breaking it out per day here.

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