2019 Santa Fortunata Procession – Patroness of Baucina

Alright, so this is quite a late post. I’ve been meaning to get to it for a while and, well, it finally happened…

Months back now I was invited to a procession in Baucina Italy (Sicily). This procession is a pretty big deal and brings people from all over to this little hilltop village, so it was a lot of fun to see.

Being that I want to learn more styles of photography I also took this as an opportunity… I think you could say this is my first shoot with people as the primary subject. It was challenging not only because I hadn’t shot people much at all before, but also because I only had the lights for the event to work with (I still don’t even own a flash). I had an absolute blast though, and it made me more interested in photography with people; which is why you’ve seen a little more of it here and there since. Next, I’m hoping to work with people one on one in a more controlled setting. I’m just not sure how to go about that, so if anyone knows someone out this way that wants to do some modeling, get us in touch! 

Now there is plenty of cropping and you might say I’ve reached a little with posting some clearly missed shots, but I think these tell the story best and, well, I don’t think they’re that horrible. I’d love some feedback though!

Feedback is appreciated... let me know what you're liking, or not to help me keep improving the experience.