July to Sep 2021 Koh Phangan Thailand

Wow, this was a long stay; 64 days! With the worsening COVID situation around Thailand when I arrived I thought it would be a longer one, but not this long. The good thing was this island seemed to do pretty well through it all. Unfortunately, things did tick up briefly causing some closures while I was there, but as far as I know, cases were still relatively low and the closures I saw were not for all that long. Though it was far from the Full Moon Party scene it’s known for the entire time. Maybe one day I’ll make it back to see that, but then again that scene isn’t much my thing these days… time will tell.

This was my last stop in Thailand for this trip. It was a trip with many mixed feelings. I’m extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to see so many beautiful parts of the country and meet some wonderful people, but to see so many people going through tough times because of the pandemic, along with the impact of seeing all the shuttered doors of closed businesses day after day everywhere you go wasn’t pleasant. Thailand is a wonderful place with incredible culture and people. I hope recovers soon and I look forward to returning.

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